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Sign-up Information:

Bobby Edmiston, Assessor for Bossier Parish is pleased to announce the launch of numerous new features on our web site:

  • All Plat maps are now available for viewing and printing.
  • We have added ownership information for all assessments.
  • The ability to search by Township, Range and Section is now available.
  • Another exciting feature is the addition of our GIS mapping system. With this you will be able to view our parcels, sections and road layers on top of aerial photos.
  • Standard Professional Subscription $399.00 per year
  • Plat Map Module Subscription $479.00 per year
  • GIS Module Subscription $479.00 per year
  • Complete Professional Subscription $549.00 per year

For more information or to Subscribe, Please call Softdisk,LLC at (318)221-8718, Weekdays 9 am - 5 pm

For businesses and professionals, a more powerful and detailed search capability is available by annual subscription by annual subscription. Subscribers will enjoy 24 x 7 access to the information that can be called up from the terminals in the Bossier Parish Assessors Office over the Internet using a standard web browser! Information such as homestead exemption status, taxing districts and property history will all be available at the click of a mouse eliminating cost and time consuming trips to the courthouse! Subscribers may search by full or partial:

  • Owner's Name
  • Location address
  • Subdivision
  • Assessment number
  • Adjudicated Properties
  • Township/Range/Section

Complete search results will include:

  • Assessment Legal Description
  • Homestead Tax Status
  • Transaction History
  • Tax Districts and Millages
  • Parcels
    • Legal Description
    • Book Page Owner Information
    • Previous Owner Information
  • Plus Much More...

Click here for a search result sample.

Plat Map Module - If you need to see the actual up-to-date plat maps (without driving to Benton!) you’ll want to add this module. From a separate search page you will be able to search for plat maps by subdivision name, blocks and lots or Township/Range. The search return is an image you can manipulate and zoom into of the current plat on file. You can even directly print your custom view or the entire plat at no additional cost.

Click here for a plat sample.

GIS Module - How would you like to fly over Bossier Parish and look down to see every parcel outlined and labeled with the owner’s name and assessment number? Turn on the aerial photo option in this module and you can do exactly that! Click a spot and find not only the owner’s information but also the book and page numbers, acreage, sq. ft., ward and more. Zoom down to as low as 1" equals 100 feet to look at a single building or up to 1" to 2000' and see a dozen sections at a time.

Click here for a GIS Map result sample.


Although our office strives to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of this information, this information is provided for your convenience only. This information is given without recourse or warranty, and should not be relied upon for any legal purpose, including, but not limited to ownership, tax consequences, flood status, or any other purpose.
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